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We Delight Ourselves as One of the Best in the Business. We can proudly confident in what We do and We 100% Fully Guarantee that we can Therefore finance each and every of your need and provide you with Unlimited Premium Services

About Premium Tools Aid.

We are a group of Hackers who offer the only best and high limit Western Union Hack available for you everywhere and at any time. We Transfer money to all countries/territories in world that have Western Union/MoneyGram or through Bank Transfer if you prefer. We only deal in high limit transfers and you can receive this money in your Country/Territory , We will share with you all what we have.No bargain, work quickly. We are interested in building enduring relationships based on trust and success with our customers and develop long term business partnerships.

NOTE: We use only one email for support ([email protected]) Please be careful of this . Because there are so many people who fake us to commit fraud

Our Services

Our Services are Categoried into two different groups; For Individuals & For Companies but however, some of our services/hacks are listed below

Bank Transfer

All bank transactions are recorded on dedicated servers. This means, large amount of money are just written as numbers on the server records. We can through the use of extensively coded scripts can hack these servers and make edits to your balances and even create records of new transactions.

Western Union Transfers

We make use of advance and exclusive server binary scripts to gain access to the transfer network of Western Union and make safe and undetectable transfers to our beneficiaries. The funds are available within 1 hour after fee is paid.

CashApp/Venmo Transfers

CashApp and Venmo transfers are made over a certain MX36 server type. Our Team of Experts have exclusive access to this server type and is the only hacker in the world to have this access. We use this to make safe transfers to you. All these ensures that money is added safely to the balances of our customers.

Paypal/Xoom Transfers

As the Western Union hacks, Our Team can add money to the balances of its PayPal users. With the PayPal exploits, safe transfers are made to any PayPal account whose details are attached to a certain purchased server encoded framework.

Bitcoin Advanced Mining

Bitcoin transactions are all carried out on the blockchain servers and Premium Tools through series of extensive hack techniques have access to engage in an advance mining for more profits!

Bank Transfer

Wechat and Alipay are sometimes regarded as payment gateways mostly in Asia. We at Premium Tools Aid through extensive skills and expertise have been decode the servers of both institutions and can make safe transfers to you through those gateways.

Why You Should Trust Us…

What We Guarantee

We are Known as one of the Most Transparent and Respected hackers in the whole of the Darkweb and Beyond. We are never engaged in ripping or scamming of any of our client or individual. All hacked Service/Transfers are done to ensure that the needs of our beneficiaries and Clients are met. we therefore strive to Finance Your Every Need while upholding our ultimate goal of providing our clients with unlimited Premium Services

Video Testimonials

Live proof that we deliver on what we Promise and we Guarantee that working with us is going to be easy, fast and seamless
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Before Proceeding, You Should Note That This Service is No Scam and in no Affiliation with so many other fake hack service that has flooded the Internet, we believe on the fact that there should be evenly distributed funds and the Right for every to Live comfortable and at most become a Millionaire. The Required fees for every Hack Plan/Service from PremiumToolsAid has to be Paid before the Hack can be Done. Finally, this service is 100% Safe and guarantee that it won’t get you in any form of Trouble whatsoever.

Our Process

Choose Your Plan

Select your Plan and Price that Best suits or fits your needs from the Price List Table above…and then Proceed to the 2nd step..


Contact Us

Contact Us Via Our Email: [email protected] with your Order details to discuss how to make the necessary payment


Get Paid

Once your Order is Completed, you will be Contacted or Notified…then you can go to your nearest Western Union Agent to Receive Your Money or proceed with other means of checkout as instructed by us.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have been operating on the darkweb since 2010 but came on the surface web 2013 to help people

We offer Bank Transfer Hack, ATM Machine hack, Western Union Hack, CashApp Hack, PayPal Hack & Cryto/Blockchain Hack

Yes. We use an intermediaries who we make the Transfer to who then relays it to the Client. This ensures you receive Clean Funds.

We accept payments through Western Union or MoneyGram and Bitcoins. For Clients in Black listed countries, Please contact us.

Each of Our Service take different times to Deliver…be sure to check “Our Services” page to know the time it takes for each individual package.

We have associates that we deal with on a percentage basis. To be considered, you must have transacted with us at least 15 times and then you can request for this.

Get In Touch

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Our Hack Services are available to anyone and everyone. We do ensure the maximum security and safety of our clients and ensure that all our clients gain the maximum satisfaction. Wait no more because there is zero chance of getting scammed here at PremiumToolsAid. Send Us a Quick Message to Get Started.

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